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Begin with hair the condition of your hair, we recommend that you straighten your hair with a professional grade straightening tool. This will help the natural ends of your own hair blend in better with the extension hair. If you don’t have a straightening tool, visit the ‘Styling Tools’ section of the website for a selection of straightening tool products.

1. Before you insert the weft extensions, practice opening and closing the hair snap clips on each and every weft of hair, leaving each one in the open state. It takes considerable pressure to open and close these special snap clips. You may need two hands to create enough pressure to do this easily. Practice doing this or you may find your hair caught unexpectedly and that can be painful. The clips pop open easily when you know how. Use both thumbs and both index fingers to apply firm pressure to the clip ends.

2. Use a tail comb to practice parting the hair over the head just to see where you might put the pieces of hair weft.

3. To insert the hair extensions use a tail comb to divide the back of your hair from below one ear to the second ear. Use hair accessories to hold the surplus hair out of the way on top of your head. Now start at the lower centre back at the middle of the nape of the neck. Next take one of the wider hair wefts and insert the opened centre clip just below the parting. Insert the snap clip on the hair not on the raw scalp. Snap the clip in hair extension grip shut so it grips the hair. You will know if the hair is caught as it can be painful. If caught just undo the snap clip and reposition it again. Carefully attach the side snap clips one at a time. The clip-in weft hair extension should be fully stretched out with the hair weft as parallel as possible to the parting you made. Check for lumps and gaps and if you can feel bad positioning of the hair weft then undo the offending clips and reposition them until the weft feels correct and is as flat as practical to the scalp.

4. Release the hair you held out of the way and create a new parting. To do this, comb down a layer of hair with about half an inch or so between each weft layer. Each time hold back all the surplus hair as before with hairdressing grips.

5. Now insert the remaining wefts in the same manner as above. Repeat the process with a new parting above each weft extension.

6. Insert and position the side pieces so they frame the face and blend with your own hair.

7. Ensure your own hair is combed over the weft and the clips so that the hair looks natural. I have found this is one case where a little backcombing on the final smooth over layer of your own hair can be useful to give a little body. Do this before finally smoothing the hair.


When removing the wefts do so easily by pressing open the clips.

NEVER attempt to slide them out without first opening the clip grips.

If you do tug at the grips they will cling fiercely to your own hair and could cause splitting. So pop them open carefully and the hair will just release itself without bother. Better still get a friend or hairdresser to put them in for you! Now enjoy your new look!

Here is a video that walks you through the steps to get the look you desire with clip in extensions!