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Over the years, many questions have been asked by our customers on the subject of Hair Colour. This document attempts to collect the ones that have surfaced most frequently. For your reference:

What is the difference between permanent and semi permanent haircolor?
Permanent haircolor changes the natural color of your hair and will not wash out. The color remains until you cut the hair or cover it up with another permanent color. You can use it to cover gray, darken your hair, or change the tone (black, brown, red or blonde).

Semi-permanent haircolor, coats the hair strand with color and can be used to blend grey or to deepen your original haircolor. It usually washes out in 8-10 shampoos and can be used the same day as a relaxer

How can I choose the right haircolor product for me?
If you are looking to make a subtle change or to cover your first strands of gray, Dark and Lovely® Reviving Colors® is an easy, temporary way to experiment with color.