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Over the years, many questions have been asked by our customers on the subject of Relaxers. This document attempts to collect the ones that have surfaced most frequently. For your reference:

How often should I relax my hair?
We recommend that a relaxer retouch application be performed every 6-8 weeks. However, the frequency depends on the texture and growth rate of your hair.

How can I choose the right haircolor product for me?
If you are looking to make a subtle change or to cover your first strands of gray, Dark and Lovely® Reviving Colors® is an easy, temporary way to experiment with color.

Why is it important to protect previously relaxed hair?
It is important to protect previously relaxed hair because exposure to hair again to relaxer increases the chances of over processing and potential damage to the hair.

My hair is really thin and limp but coarse, what relaxer should I use?
Because your hair is thin and doesn’s appear to have much body, try Optimum Care® Bodifying Relaxer. Optimum Care Bodifying Relaxer features a citrate technology which won’t weigh the hair down when relaxer. Additionally it infuses the hair with natural oils giving it moisture and body immediately after relaxing.

When can a relaxer be applied after a permanent hair color has been used?
A relaxer should be applied no sooner than 2 weeks before or after a permanent hair color application. Please follow the instructions carefully. A product which is formualted for color treated hair is the Dark and Lovely® No-Lye Relaxer for Color-Treated Hair.

Does it really matter which relaxer strength I select?
Yes. The selection of the appropriate relaxer strength is very important to match your hair type.There are three hair textures: fine; medium; and coarse. It is essential that the correct relaxer strength be selected. Please refer to the product’s instruction sheet carefully to avoid hair breakage or hair loss.

Can I replace the shampoo in the relaxer system with any shampoo?
No, the shampoo provided in the relaxer kits has a specific function to ensure that all the relaxer is completely removed. You must be sure to rinse the hair properly before shampooing. This step is very important and failure to do so can result in hair breakage.

Can I substitute a product in the relaxer system?
No, do not use any products that are not included in the relaxer system. The products are formulated to work systematically together for optimal results.

How should I store a relaxer?
A relaxer should be stored at room temperature. We do not recommend storing the mixed portion of the relaxer at all or putting it in the freezer.

Should the relaxer cream be applied to the entire length of the hair every time the relaxer is used?
No. Apply the relaxer to the new growth only. Please perform a strand test and refer to the recommended timing chart on the instruction sheet to avoid over processing.

How soon after shampooing my hair can I apply a relaxer?
A relaxer should be applied no sooner than 3-5 days after a shampoo.

I am not comfortable relaxing my hair at home. What should I do?
If you are not comfortable relaxing your hair at home, you should see a stylist for further assistance. When speaking with the stylist ask them about the Optimum Multi-Mineral Relaxer System which could be used in such a case.
Frequently Asked Questions on Relaxers